Personal trainers for Green Transition

We work together for sustainable changes, for the green and digital transformation of companies and equip organizations for safe and resilient business in the future.

LCA analysis

LCA is one of the key tools of "Life Cycle Management", with which we guide your company on the path to minimal environmental impacts and pursue the requirements of your stakeholders.

Product EPD

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) is an independently verified and registered document. It is used for transparent, comparable and credible communication about the environmental impacts of a product or service. The EPD® is the report, and the Life Cycle Assessment, LCA, is the basis for it.

Sustainability - Non-financial reporting

With the introduction of the new EU CSRD directive, the number of companies that will have to submit non-financial reports will significantly increase. The sustainability report provides information on the economic, environmental, social and management effects and results of the organization's operations.

Sustainable strategy

A sustainability strategy is a comprehensive business strategy. Which aspects of sustainability are important to us, how to set up a sustainability strategy for our organization and achieve the transfer of the sustainability strategy into the organizational culture.

Education in the field of sustainable development

The biggest obstacle in the field of sustainable transformation of a company is knowledge. Education and training for sustainable development provides knowledge, awareness and action that empowers people to transform themselves and society.

Implementation of digital solutions for the green transition

The implementation of sustainable solutions begins with a binding ambition at the top of the company to keep sustainable development at the top of the priorities, regardless of the challenges, as one of the most important foundations of the company's operations. The challenge and goal of finding a solution and implementing sustainable technological innovations is our commitment.